Bee Movie (2007) Film Review

Vanessa: Why don’t you just fly everywhere? Isn’t it faster?

Barry B. Benson: Flying is exhausting. Why don’t you humans just run everywhere, isn’t that faster?

Vanessa: I see your point.

The Bee Movie is an incredible DreamWorks Animation. With hilarious Bee puns along with a Bee-utiful story, it deserves a straight B+. (Ok I’ll stop now)

The Film truly captures the most stunning visuals and vivid colours. Bee Movie takes us on the journey of Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeild). Setting out into the big wide world, away from the bee hive, Barry accidently talks to a human; Vanessa, whom he becomes close acquaintances with. Exploring the real world, he discovers some unexpected sights on store shelves; Honey being sold in bear jars! The shock and anger drives him to fight against this case, where his lawyer and family support him throughout. Barry’s arguments involving how the beekeepers entrap these poor bees and exploit them, disgraces the public. Successfully, he wins the case, which means free time yet loss of flowers. No bees equals no pollen. Noticing the unconditional dying of nature, Barry sets out on another journey to bring the park back to life. From landing a plane to finding his true career, Barry accomplishes his mission, leaving us with a happy ending.

Whaaaat? They make money from OUR honey?

Their ‘Honex’ corporation is intricately captured, where each small detail is absorbed. The jobs ranging from; Restroom Attendant, Stirrer to Pollen Jocks, clearly connote the Bees’ hard work and immense effort put into the creation of honey. The wholesomeness and family belonging is stressed upon, where apparently they’re all “cousins’.

The humour is definitely evident in the Bee Movie. Each character has their own memorable personas, as for the humans too. The flabby antagonist is irritating yet accomplishes the perfect villain-type role.

Clever puns and inside jokes are hilarious. Especially the feature of Bee Larry King where Barry describes his reference to having “suspenders, a desk, a TV show, different colour lights behind him, and a marquee at the bottom of the screen saying what was just said even though you just heard him.” 

Larry King and Barry. Sorry I mean ‘BEE Larry King’

It’s simple comedy yet very powerful. Honey hair gel, pools filled with honey, yellow and black striped costumes, the Principals name being ‘Dean Buzzwell’ all compliment the comedic side of the film. Wiping the bugs from the windscreen, families screaming by one small bee floating in the car (relatable) and some random Bee jokes that took me a few seconds to fully understand. The list is pretty much endless. Though undeniably, these small unforgettable moments add to the success of this film and truly make it original.

Overall, Bee Movie is an exceptional animation and a real stinger (pun-intended). With great morals, enthralling graphics, engaging plot, Bee Movie is a must watch for all! All I can say is, there needs to be a second one.

My Rating: 8/10

Written by: Meera Darji

Links: IMDB


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