Ratatouille (2007) Film Review


Ratatouille is by far one of the best animated films out there, which entirely entertains you, never once losing your attention. Director, Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava successfully entraps the quote “Anyone can cook” and portrays it in its finest yet superb form.

Just a pinch of…..

Ratatouille follows the story of a helpless, brave rat, Remy who is full of ambition, striving to become a Chef. His passion and dedication is what drives him to his goal. With special abilities of simply sniffing ingredients, Remy becomes the master of all spices. Accidently sneaking into a kitchen, Remy notices a soup being spoilt, thus driving him crazy. Eager to perfect the soup, Remi luckily finds his way to the station through such danger and havoc. By quickly adding in the spices and ingredients required, the super becomes perfect and a hot seller in the restaurant. But far be the truth, the chefs believe this is the work of clumsy cleaner, Linguini who just so happens to be the long lost owner of ‘Gusteau’s’. Remy and Linguini find a way to combine their skills, which results in success. But will they find out who the real cook is?

The film consists of such memorable characters; the sly Chef Skinner who tried to claim the restaurant by tricking the others. Of course the sharp and strong female cook; Collete. And how can we forget the arrogant, top food critic; Anton Ego. Thus there were several humourous charcters who nicely complimented the story.

In particular the rat family, or should I say Remy’s family were cleverly portrayed. Each detail was encountered and absorbed. For example; the cups the rats were drinking out of. I still remember, how they used corks, tooth paste lids and wine tops!

Told you..a tooth paste cap…how awesome?!?!

With stunning graphics, visually entertaining you, each scene is absorbed. The beautiful colours vividly stands out, setting the warm ambience in Paris. Even if you weren’t hungry, Ratatouille would make you quench for food. Through the cheese softly glowing, each spice soothing and the greenness of the leaves empowering. Utter real-ness captured and the pure delicious essence was a huge highlight in the film.

Remy and Linguini

Overall, Ratatouille is an unmissable film that truly entertains you, no matter what age. With an Oscar win, it definitely deserves all the awards received. A clever story, impeccable visuals, epic characters and of course a relatable moral, Ratatouille is a must watch.

My rating: 9/10

Written by: Meera Darji

10 thoughts on “Ratatouille (2007) Film Review

    1. Yeah same, how can people not like it?! Its genius, lol! Yes definitely agree with you, it even won an oscar! 🙂

  1. I just saw “Ratatouille” tonight.

    It’s a first class movie. Several thoughts come to mind…

    -The character performances are so good, I think there’s no sort of movie they couldn’t make. I’ve heard Pixar’s John Carter of Mars is going to be live action? No! I want them to do it all animated.

    -“Cars” definitely _was_ a lower-value softball they threw to finish out that original Disney-gets-half-of-everything-plus-sequel-rights contract they were in at the time. I remember all the clucking last summer about how Pixar had lost its way.

    -There were a few moments when they seemed to lose that stylized reality they had established and things looked merely “real”.

    -There was one scene in the latter part of the film where I thought “I can’t believe they are doing this tired movie cliché” but they pulled out of it at the last second and made it something new.

    -The 2D-ish end credits were great. Stick it out to the very end to see the mo-cap disclaimer!

    -With this, Brad Bird is certainly one of the animation gods now.

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