Wreck it Ralph (2012) Film Review


“I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” – Ralph

Director Rich Moore brings us an epic, Oscar nominated, animated Film ‘Wreck it Ralph’. The ultimate iconic games, which everyone and I mean everyone knows, all jumbled up in this pixelated world of ‘Arcade Games’. From Pac Man to Sonic to Qbert, all the game characters you can think of exist in this film.

The film follows the story of Ralph – the ‘bad’ guy wanting to be the ‘good’ guy, featuring in Fix-It Felix, Jr, You see in the “game world” bad guys can’t exactly decide to be good. I mean its like their own norm. But Ralph here goes against these rules and aims for the golden medal, to prove his ‘good-ness’. Just like any other person out there, Ralph wants to be part of the gang, included in the parties and a place he can call home. Though due to his ‘bad guy’ label, all he gets is a brick bed in the dumpster. Sad. Wreck it Ralph follows the epic journey of Ralph coping in this world of game characters where we come across bumps, jumps and the odd Mento’s.


I have to admit, that Wreck it Ralph is definitely a great Animated film. Sitting on the same shelf as Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Shrek. The story is unforgettable and full of extreme fun.

Visually we are satisfied with stunning scenes of ‘Sugar Rush’ where we feel as if we’re in the magical Charlie and the Chocolate factory, wanting to literally eat everything. Every detail is enhanced and absorbed where the little glitches add to the comedy, humour and anime. The colours are gratifying, truly taking you on an adventure.


Sugar Rush land

The intertextual reference is genius and very relatable. It brings back childhood memories, where in several moments I kept saying, “I remember that” or “haha I used to play that game”. The cleverness of using the Diet Coke against Mento’s was incredible. I loved how the Nestle straw creeped up. The popcorn audience cheering. Last but not least the ‘Game central Station’, which was the gateway to the games opening. Every aspect is funny and memorable, where you as the audience feel involved the whole way.

Oh, don’t you just love Ralph. The characters are simply impeccable. We truly get to know Ralph as neither a good guy nor a bad guy, but simply himself. Learning and getting to know his real persona and his kindness is sweet and subtle. Vanellope, the sweet young kid also known as a mega racer, puts on a great performance. Her and Ralphs relationship is undeniably brilliant, their petty fights but ‘aww’ moments add to that warmth ambience, creating a family appeal.


Overall, Wreck it Ralph is a fun film filled with a fast paced climax and interesting characters. The dialogue idyllically fits each character, brining them to life, thus validating the comedy. It’s a must watch for all!

“They invited Pac-Man? That cherry-chasing dot-muncher isn’t even part of the game!”


My Rating: 9/10

Written by: Meera Darji



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