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Okay, so I recently completed an extra module which is called ‘Addvantage’ where I chose to do ‘Photography’ or as they strangely named it ‘Communicating through the digital image’. Though photography is shorter and easier to say. For the course we had to showcase our work on our blogs, so I decided to create one.

Anyway. I passionately enjoy photography as a hobby and ever since I took this simple photograph on my iPhone, I couldn’t stop. From beautiful clouds, to capturing birds to silhouetted trees, I realized a true hobby of mine, or as others like to call it my ‘hidden talent’.

For me photography isn’t about the perfect models, or a hot sunny beach or even a fancy product. It’s about the meaning, the connotations it subtly or directly perpetuates. I believe that everything around us is beautiful; you just simply have to see it through that special eye. Substantially describing the camera as the paintbrush and the world as our canvas.

As well as Film Making, I would like to develop my photography skills and someday be able to call myself a ‘Professional Photographer’. With gaining knowledge in shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lighting, angles, techniques, I feel as if I am gradually developing and learning new skills. Its great to see how a simple photograph requires heavy thought and intricate detail. Thus, with focus and input on style, ambience, colour, the outcome will be pleasing and visually satisfying.

I enjoy taking photographs of nature; clouds, trees, birds, the odd icicle on a fence.  But recently, I’ve begun to experiment with people. Capturing a person’s persona through an image is incredible. With that in mind, every now and then I’ve just been taking several photographs of anything I come across.

So, I wanted to share with you all my Photography blog, where I’ll be posting photographs, portraits, landscape, inspiring photographers and all things photo-related. I wanted to create a separate blog to showcase my work and my portfolio.

I’ve also recently created a profile on ViewBug, which holds competitions for fellow photographers like me. In which shockingly I received an award for the ‘most awesome photo’, which was favourited by the judges.

My photograph won an award via ViewBug
My photograph won an award via ViewBug

I also entered a competition via Leicester Mercury, where my photograph alongside my very own article was featured on Page 4 in the newspaper! I was absolutely pleased, that my photograph was shortlisted and considered by the judge.

My Photograph featured in Leicester Mercury Newspaper
My Photograph featured in Leicester Mercury Newspaper

Lastly, please do follow my blog and share your thoughts. All support is appreciated.

My photographs are © Copyright and All Rights Reserved to Myself. Therefore, If you would like to use any images, then please enquire using the contact form.


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