‘Producer’s’ Role in Broadcast TV

For our next ‘Broadcast’ module, our task is to produce a 12-minute studio MAGAZINE programme, called ‘NET TV’. With the casting and pitching session recently gone, I was allocated the role I desired, being the ‘Producer’ of the show.

Having researched the Producer’s Duties, I came to find this brief description:

“Broadcast producers oversee the production of a programming segment, promotions, or an entire show. Typical duties include designing show schedules, scouting and selecting shoot locations and managing live programs as they go over the air. Producers are responsible for content and either write or approve scripts. They also coordinate the efforts of technical personnel, on-air personalities and other personnel. Associate producers often assist senior producers by conducting research or performing a variety of administrative tasks.” – eHow

With already strengths in organising, research, time management and experience in scheduling, I am pleased with the role given and feel as if I can fulfil my duties. So far I have definitely learnt a great amount of what my exact duties are, especially on set and in terms of pre-production.

Myself and the Scriptwriter, wrote a short brief Script of what our session would consist of. The script was a rough draft and nothing for the final show, it consisted of random news stories and simply was created for a practice session. Though it made me develop my knowledge in broadcast script work, in which I am now more familiar with the ‘Scene headings’, i.e. VT 1, Clip 2-Interview and Link 4- Weather. It also got me thinking, of how presenters would naturally speak. Therefore, for the final script, we would have to sit alongside the presenters, whilst they run-through the lines, giving myself a clearer idea on timings and context.

As soon as the script was completed, I independently created a Running Order, which is a detailed step-by-step schedule of the show. It vitally consists of the current item, what’s happening in the studio and gallery, duration of clips and total running duration. Ideally this adds up to equal a final time of how long our show would run for. Since this was my first attempt, whilst in the gallery, there were a few issues with timing where confusion raised. Having said that, due to communicating with the PA and Director, we managed to clear the bumps and approached the issues professionally, where we ended up creating a smooth show. Bearing in mind this was my first time, I am more aware of the timing significance, but also next time will create the Running Order alongside the PA and Director to avoid any hassle.

Being the producer, alongside the Director, I have to assist on key decisions and making sure the overall production runs smoothly. It is quite a challenging role, in which I am keen on versing. Especially, when it comes to tackling team members or swapping roles, I have to be assertive and professional.  Last but not least, my role also includes booking the broadcast, TV studio equipment out, which is one of the most important duties!


Overall, the Producer’s role is quite challenging, yet hectic, though due to organisational skills, I feel as if I can fulfil my duties. I am looking forward to see our show unfold.



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