Reflection 2 – P2P Research Process

“It’s like God had sent me to fulfil my karma…” – Surendrakumar Bhagat

As I set out to make a Documentary Film on my Grandfather: Surendrakumar Bhagat, I came across various aspects of research.

I came to a conclusion that knowing your subject was key in the making. With historical knowledge as well as constantly talking to them face-to-face regarding their experiences, taking an interest and listening is deeply helpful. From that initial point, where either you hear beautiful words spoken, or simply react to their story in a way that touches you is the ecstatic truth. From the moment I read my Grandfather’s letter to the precious time he told me his past stories, a flash of that ecstatic truth and ‘quench-ness’ of his story struck me. The gush of realism, reality and subsequent honour propelled my visuals and imagery.

Bearing in mind that my subject had an interesting story my project was taken forward. The decision was lenient towards the fact that my he was coming  from India. Taking into account of my groups reaction of my Grandfather’s story  was unforgettable. Moments of shock, laughter and empathy, encouraged me to believe more into my film.

Digging deep into background information was undertaken where I gathered old photographs, asked questions to family members for verification but also looked at past certificates. Majority of the research was physically by talking to my Granddad and exploring his tales and paths.

My full research(treatment, visuals and subject) can be found here.

An old photograph of my Granddad

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