P2P Shoot Process – Documentary

For the shooting process, we did a lot of  pre-production planning in order for the shoot to run smoothly. After researching my subject, I created a rough script with him to outline the three minute structure.

Brief Script

Shooting Script

We shot the interview at my house on 15/02/13, giving us plenty of time to edit. The shoot went well and the results were pleasing.

Having said that, due to a few technical problems such as the edirol mic being faulty, we had to re-shoot the whole interview. Differently, we attached the boom to the edirol, consequently giving us a better result.

We lit the room using two halogen lights offering a warm/homely ambience. In the frame,
we purposely placed a deity of God and two old photographs, reinforcing actuality. We shot on the Canon 5D, as it provided sharp and clear quality video.

The following day, I shot several visuals of my Granddad in the park, which varied from extreme close ups of his face and experimented with slow pans.

Each member were set an allocated role. As the Director, I was able to communicate with my crew and directly to my subject; due to an advantage of being able to speak in Gujarati and having it be my Grand father, was more suitable.

Overall, I thought that the shoot went really well and I have definitely learnt more about lighting techniques and especially the use of sound. I am more familiar with using an edirol and the boom, which is significant for capturing audio.


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