Modernised Sleeping Beauty

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As a group task we were asked to create a modernized version of a fairy tale through using online media, websites, videos and other 2.0 web tools. We decided to create a modernized version of Sleeping Beauty.

After research we found that Sleeping Beauty was very much different to how we were told when younger. The origin is initially in Italian and was first published in 1636. In very short, the original Sleeping Beauty follows the story of Talia whom is behalfed as evil due to a poison splinter. Being locked in a castle for several years, another King found her by fate and raped her. With this in mind, he later found she was pregnant to twins whom she later named as ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’. The king’s wife soon found out about his betrayal and demanded Talia and her children to be severely punished. As Talia was preparing to be thrown into the bonfire, the King came to her rescue and luckily found that his children were also alive. Overall, the story concluded “Good things happen to lucky people, even when they’re sleeping”. The full original story can be found here.

Though having researched the origins of Sleeping Beauty, we noticed how different they were to the Disney story where Sleeping Beauty is beautifully awakened by true love’s kiss, in which they live happily ever after.

We preferably used Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty in terms of the romantic relationship narration. Our modernized version followed the story of young women called ‘Aurora Bellezza’ who had a car accident by accidently pricking her finger on a pin. She sadly is now in coma in hospital. Her really ‘close’ friend Prince Philip is on his journey to visit Aurora at the hospital. This which consists of him searching the location on Google maps, emailing King Stefan the address, posting his thoughts on Facebook, tweeting his status, ordering flowers off Amazon and playing games in the waiting room. Finally we see him kissing Aurora, who wakes up. They both get married and live happily ever after.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 17.07.55  Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 17.09.03

Integrating social media networks such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Games definitely created a contemporary ambience. Thus, this contrasted to the historic times where people communicated via handwritten letters as opposed to ‘tweets’ and ‘Facebook updates’. Games and the three-dimensional visuals technically looked very advance with its animation effects and point of view style. The Amazon added this sense of realism, but also how the world today is so advance that technology can do everything for you.

We deliberately used the names such as Philip Charming and Aurora Bellezza. Philip Charming obviously stemmed from Prince Charming, again reinforcing this fairy tale aspect. Bellezza is an Italian name, which made more sense seeing as the initial tale was based in Italy. Also Bellezza defined ‘beauty’ in Italian, hence her name ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Her first name Aurora was originally used in the Disney film. King Stefan was Aurora’s father. His named related to being a ‘king’ in all the versions of the tales, thus making it more like the fairytale.

The music definitely complimented what was happening on screen. For example, the Bruno Mars song ‘Marry you’ helped illustrate the images. Such as when Philip Charming was looking to buy an engagement ring, the song denoted the lyrics “I’ll go get a ring”. There is also a short, abrupt clip of a rock song; this definitely heightened the game scene emphasizing danger and fighting. Lastly, there was a short humming, instrumental lullaby song at the beginning of the video. This added a calm yet fairy tale like ambience, releasing sparks of magic.


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