Rise of the Student Film Makers – Mash up

For one of our University tasks we were asked to create a mash up video using only online videos and three of our group film projects to form a recycled new story.

We decided to create a Film trailer called ‘Rise of the Student Film Makers’ thus making a parody of the film title ‘Rise of the Planet Apes’. With trailer like features, for example; the scrolling text, quotes from famous directors, clips of the film and dramatic music, the clip extremely creates a realistic approach.

We embedded clips of directors quoting the film “I wish I had made this film” and “People are talking about it”. Of course their short quote was taken from another interview. However, the idea here was to put two videos together to create a third meaning. Therefore, in one way the director is talking about his own personal experience in an interview, whereas by remixing their audio to our video creates a new platform, where it now looks like he is talking about our film.

Likewise, we did this to almost every single clip, the crazy twilight fan girl whom now is crazy for our film, comedic twists which add humour, animation – using spongebob, clips from other well known feature films and more.

Even though our mash up was two minutes, we originally stretched it out to three, where we added an ‘Extended Look’, which again complimented with clips of Obama, Sheldon Cooper and well-known YouTube users such as Jenna Marbles. However, due to the video having two endings, the footage didn’t flow, thus making the second part out of place. Therefore after group discussion and feedback from our tutors, we decided to room that one minute.

I edited this trailer in a very cinematic, blockbuster way to create this Hollywood feel to it. Sudden text like ‘Unmissable’ and quotes from well-known organisations such as; BFI, Empire Magazine, reinforced the image of a stereotypical, theatrical Film trailer. The dramatic, action music complimented with the moving images used, plus added a faster pace. Moreover, I used a quick cutaway style to edit, this shot after shot without transition created a faster pace and appeared very much like a trailer; quick and memorable.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 20.48.20


2 thoughts on “Rise of the Student Film Makers – Mash up

  1. Pretty well done. I liked it. I loved the RDJ ‘Extended Look’. Although I think it should’ve ended there. But just an opinion. Loved the soundtrack. It’s always difficult during these to get clips of similar quality to prevent the differences being obvious.

    Well done Meera!

    1. Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it! Yes it was difficult to get the same quality for each videos, but hopefully it still sent the correct message across. I completely agree with you, I would have ended it with the RDJ clip, however the criteria was that the video should be within 3-5 minutes, therefore I had no choice but to extend it lol 🙂 Thanks for commenting notes_iframe#d watching!

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