The Collection (2012) Film Review

*Warning contains spoilers*

Blood dripping, guts sliming, bodies gorging, all is guaranteed in Marcus Dunstan’s ‘The Collection’. From the prequel of ‘The Collector’, Collection definitely brings more blood, gore and horror than you could imagine.

Continuing from the previous film ‘The Collector’, the film follows the story of Arkin’s survival from the psycho villain. Ridiculously, even after Arkin escapes from the chained, creepy red box, the Police undeniably blackmail him to revisit The Collectors underground cabin. Thus wanting to retrieve the latest victim ‘Elena’ whom is trapped in this unescapably steamed prison. With double booby-traps in every room, each leading to unexpected jumps, cuts and grabs, the four police and Arkin attempt to find ‘Elena’ and escape.

I have to admit that this sequel was much better than the first, filled with more action and gore. Its climax and unexpectedness really pulled through each scene, where we were simply left with chills. The spikes, cuts, sharp grips and each bone crack were significantly heard, allowing us to fully emerge with the film. The story was well written, with memorable, fast paced plots.

The visuals, cinematography and editing was impeccable. Especially the scene where Arkin was in the same room as The Collector. The vivid flashing lights helplessly blinking felt like this cat and mouse chase, but also left us at ease, leaving us on the edge of our seats. To add to this, the scene that unexpectedly tied Paz onto a rope trailing into another room was brilliantly shot. The traps were carefully placed and each had interesting punishments, which were of course gratifying.

Josh Stewart in The Collection

Josh Stewart incredibly played Arkins character. Even though I think he slightly looks like Oliver Hudsan who plays ‘Adam’ in ‘Rule of Engagements’, (Now that’s out of the way), he really was the highlight of the film. Josh successfully perpetuated this very believable, stoic persona through his intelligent actions and serious face expressions. He has this sort of cool yet charming edge that was really likeable and enjoyable to watch. His brave actions definitely push the climax of the film, where we anticipated him to survive. Each scene, you could clearly see that Stewart worked his hardest to deliver his lines and physically provided a great performance. Even in the very last scene, his anger was extremely reinforced through his avenge on The Collector, which also gave us a great finish to the sequel.

Emma Fitzpatrick in The Collection


Elena played by Emma Fitzpatrick also stimulated a memorable performance. Again, her braveness and heroism was delivered in all the scenes. From surviving the traps and relentlessly sneaking out, she followed her guts but never once left her heart. Thus meaning, that we saw her wanting to help others. By freeing the creepy, doll-like character, but also going back to save Arkin from the fire.


Overall, The Collection was a great Action, Thriller film, packed with simultaneous amounts of gore,

Indeed a hook in the mouth

blood and guts. The high, zombie like characters added to the disgusting ambience and definitely gave us abrupt moments. The character development, especially from Arkin and Elena, extremely made the storyline stronger. The editing, sound effects and cinematography were very well structured, with each action rapid, each trap gratified and each scream scarred. If you love gore, nails in hands and basically staples in faces, then The Collection is a heck of a choice!


My Rating: 8/10

Written by: Meera Darji

3 thoughts on “The Collection (2012) Film Review

  1. I want to see this but the trailer had a bunch of tarantulas all over the place – I can’t do spiders – ugh

    1. Lol yeah there is a short scene of that, but its not as bad as it makes out! Great film though, especially if you love gore 🙂

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