Life of Pi (2012) Film Review

Some say its Titanic meets Avatar. But I say its Life of Pi meets us. As true as it is, Life of Pi brings imagination to life in the most beautiful, beyond visionary you could imagine. The film excitedly yet vividly takes you on this breath-taking journey which leaves you nothing but mesmerised with the enthralling effects. From glowing whales, to blistering powerful storms to heart warming sunsets, Ang Lee successfully captures all the colour and emotion, which is perpetuated through wonderful graphics.

The film follows the story of an intelligent, young boy named after a French swimming pool ‘Piscine Patel’ short for ‘Pi’ or as he describes it in math π/3.14. Living in Pondicherry, India, his family owns a zoo filled with beautiful creatures. There comes a stage where due to financial circumstances they decide to shift to Canada. Sailing on a ship, along comes an unforeseen thunderstorm where Pi is stranded in the Ocean. But not alone. He is joined by his lawful companion, the Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. This is where the story begins.

Through plight and struggle, not once does Pi’s character lose focus. His courage, passion and determination drives him to continue his journey. Having said that these qualities definitely shine through the help of Richard Parker and ultimately God’s enthralling signs. Though Pi’s character could not have been played by anyone else. Suraj Sharma does a brilliant job in bringing this character to life. He thoroughly convinces all the correct emotions and persona, where he neither over-acts or under. The boy has talent. He somehow manages to create scenes so believable by talking to CGI animals and effects, allowing the audience to truly believe. 

In fact all the actors were perfectly casted. I thought Irfan Khan was perfect to play older Pi. With similar characteristics but also a believable yet calm tone, he tells us his story, which leaves us on the edge of our seats.

On a technical note, the whole film was beautifully shot and edited. Using the CGI effects perfectly created enthralling imagery. Every small detail was vividly enhanced, each fish was perfect, each star twinkled and each jellyfish glowed. The visual effects were simply outstanding. Moreover, the cinematography definitely worked well with several memorable shots all complimenting each other to tell the story. In particular, the shot where Pi throws a water can into the ocean. I still remember the cotton, peach clouds, the lonely boat with shallow depth of field and the magical effect of ripples created. There are many more amazing shots, the panning into the sea, the flying fish, the large whale and more!


Overall, Life of Pi is a must-watch film. Filled with pure adventure, fantasy and gratifying graphics, the film deserves all the awards coming its way. It compels an enriching story, taking you on a journey you will never forget. With also, great direction, screenplay and all the cast and crew involved, Life of Pi has become a success. The simplicity and human nature of it is what draws you in. It is truly an inspiring tale, which has become one of my favorites, and no doubt will be yours too.

Rating: 9.5/10

Written By: Meera Darji

3 thoughts on “Life of Pi (2012) Film Review

    1. Thanks for reading! Its a brilliant film with outstanding visuals! I do recommend watching it in the Cinema, as the gratifying effects are a must-see and a great experience.

      Though I have to admit, I watched it in 2D, which I thought was just as good as 3D. However, having heard from friends, 3D is better!

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