OMG Oh My God (2012) Film Review

From the director ‘Umesh Shukla’, OMG Oh My God is an undeniably truthful story with outstanding acting and heartfelt emotion. The film tells a simple yet real plot which immediately engages your attention. It follows the life of ‘Kanji Lalji Mehta’ who doesn’t believe in god. Ironically he owns a shop selling deities of God. Unfortunately, his shop profoundly falls to pieces by an unforeseen earthquake. Laws and insurance company’s claim that due to the insoluble ‘act of God’ Kanji cannot claim his insurance money. Kanji bravely trials all the way in court against God, demanding for his money from the Temple.

Successfully the film captures the real facts of life, which no one dares to question. It comically questions this ‘act of God’ by not forcefully going against it but simply visiting the real facts of what this belief of God has become. With spurges of humanity and comic, Kanji confidently admits that these Temples have nothing but become money snatchers, small business chains of selling ‘God’ merchandise where this beautiful holy belief and faith has now just been labeled as ‘copyright’.

 The film shows us how pints of holy milk offered to God by thousands of people are meandered to the gutter! Thus Kanji questions “why can’t we offer this milk to homeless people or the charity?”

Hands down to the main protagonist ‘Kanji’ played by Paresh Rawal who’s acting perfectly suited this role. He brought comedy mixed with emotion, sensibility and courage all together. We could clearly see his belief and struggle yet his confidence did not let him down. As for the other actors, they were brilliantly casted. Akshay Kumar came as God ‘Krishna’ who again brought full potential to this role but also added sparks of his own personality to it. Thus creating a different angle and persona, making the character more interesting. The other supporting actors were epically brilliant, who would’ve thought that Mithun Chakraborty would ever play such role of ‘Leeladhar Maharaj’ but yet proved me wrong. The humour he perpetuated through memorable, decisive hand gestures added that extra push of his character.

Mithun Chakraborty playing ‘Leeladher Maharaj’

Overall, the film was a pure eye opener. From the wonderful script to the mind-blowing direction, OMG oh my God once again propels a real story without the need of any item number songs or actresses. The character development was greatly done through the perfect cast along with the dialogue. A must watch film with meaning and good intention.

Written by: Meera Darji

Rating: 9/10

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