English Vinglish | Film Review

English Vinglish (2012), the perfect Bollywood family film. The heart-warming plot simply allows us to engage within the story from the minute we see Sridevi’s character. The film follows the life of ‘Shashi Godbole’ played by Sridevi, whom is a housewife with, lets just say English not being her mother tongue. We can clearly see that due to her less proficient English, her family mocks her. With support from her family in America, Shashi finds a four-week English course based in Manhattan, which drives her closer to her dream.

Throughout the film, we are taken on this beautiful journey. The character development is spectacularly done.  We see Shashi’s courage, strength and confidence develop as weeks go by.  She holds her dignity, overcomes potential problems and definitely tries her hardest. Sridevi’s performance is brilliantly perpetuated, where her inspiring ambience is definitely heightened.


To add to this, Shashi’s English class friends were perfectly casted, as we see a diverse group who very much fit the role todays current era. Especially, her French friend, who I thought was a great attribute to her journey, giving sparks of romance in between. To an extent at one point, I actually really wanted them both to get together, as their chemistry was compelling.

I have to give full credits to the Director and Writer: Gauri Shinde, for such a gripping plot containing vast morals, which were beautifully perpetuated onto screen. Thus teaching children to respect their parents as well as reminding husbands to support their wife’s, whether they are a ‘Laddu’ maker or an ‘Entrepreneur’. Successfully, the film shows how you can do anything by trying hard and getting that unconditional support from your family.

Overall, I thought this was an incredible film with beautiful morals. One of the reasons this film has been a success is definitely due to Sridevi’s performance, but also the Director, writers and cast who were involved with this film. A truly inspiring tale which once again compels an enriching story.

Written By: Meera Darji

Rating: 9/10

2 thoughts on “English Vinglish | Film Review

  1. Nice review. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was simple but very well told with multiple angles to flesh out the lead character and give more meaning to the plot.

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