Short Films that have Inspired me | Around the World

After visiting the 3rd Annual Doc Film Festival in Leicester, I had the wonderful opportunity to to meet talented people and watch diverse, short films.

Name: Inner light

Director: Nick Lee-Shield and Emma Fay

Synopsis: A video to stimulate the senses, looking beneath the surface, exploring views on inner light.

The first short film I saw was called ‘Inner Light’ with hands-down a great make-up artist and effects designer. I thought the effects and make-up was outstanding, successfully giving this vivid, abstract edge. I really found the technique of using a pitch-black dark room with a focus on how the light creates this beautiful, enthralling image. It is definitely very difficult to shoot in a dark space as well as create this intricate design on the models using special make-up. The film reminded me of Avatar, which is a great achievement and very inspiring. Below are a few images I found in their gallery. The fact that they don’t look human provides this edge that somehow is beautifully crafted. Overall, I have definitely been moved by this film and would love to create something similar using bright lights and special, glowing make-up. Special effects and visual design is also an area in which I am unfamiliar with and therefore I would love to learn the skills of it.


Moreover, the other day I did try to create light movement in photographic stills. Though, as it was my first time I had to take several test shots. After flicking through the gallery, I noticed the photograph below, which I unknowingly took! I was quite pleased with this image, as it created this abstract style. It was a challenging task in which I attempted to do, yet it could do with the polishing.

Overall, apart from ‘Inner light’ I watched many more films which were all very interesting, allowing myself as a Film Maker to gain more knowledge in the ‘Documentary’ genre. Having my short Documentary-Drama film ‘Reality’ to also be screened at the Festival was a valuable achievement where I also received many overwhelming comments.

Name: Live Liveful concept movie

Director: Yukihiro Shoda

Surfing the Internet, especially Vimeo I came about to see several great short films. One of the shorts/Music Video I saw was a concept movie promoting ‘TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA’ in Japan. I thought the short video was amazingly shot and wonderfully edited. The types of shots used, for example cutting to and from the male flipping to the instruments playing to the restaurant was absolutely brilliant. Even though I didn’t understand the language, I still immediately was engaged. The fact that I was gated from the language yet still enjoyed it, suggests how the video has successfully created this ‘Cool’, edgy vibe inviting mass audiences. I was focusing on how some shots were used, for example, the close ups on the face, but also the Ariel shots of Japan, which were all beautifully mesmerising.

This music video style has definitely inspired me to create a short, which tells nothing but a story through the power of music. Especially how they have used several different types of shots, all which contain some type of action.

Name: Roadtrip USA

Director: Mike Matas

Synopsis: 2 Weeks, 3,000 Miles, 5,000 Photos in 3 Minutes.

Another short I found was by a Photographer called Mike Matas. After looking at his videos, I found two things particularly in common. One being, he travels a lot and two most of his films are portrayed through photographic stills. He perpetuates his journey through millions of photographs placed one after the other. This concept of ‘Stop Motion’ is brilliantly used here. It definitely inspired me, as I noticed that by no dialogue, narration or even moving image, a Film is still possible! After watching the clip above I understood where he was, the events he went to and places he saw. Not just with U.S.A, he has created short films using just photographic stills in Morocco, Spain, Japan, India and more!

Name: Raak (Contact)

Director: Hanro Smitsman

Synopsis: Small events in the lives of three people eventually lead to the moment at which a boy throws a rock from a bridge to hit a car. Small, unimportant causes can have big consequences. (Synopsis taken from IMDB)

I was shown this short film in one of our lectures and really enjoyed it. The film consists of a story between several different characters with different narratives leading to one moment where they all meet. After watching this film, I was shocked at how well it was portrayed. Due to its technical, creative plot it would have been quite complex to think through. Therefore, this film definitely deserves all the wins and nominations in the Film Festivals it has screened. The Dutch Film maker has successfully used this imaginative technique which has inspired me to someday create something similar. In fact I am in the process of developing a short film with similar narrative.


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