Treatment | Lifeless

A 28-year-old female named Molly is sitting on the floor in her house against a white wall. She looks upset, her eyes tired, pale and lifeless. In her hand is a scrunched up photograph of herself as a 13-year-old child smiling. She is looking at the photograph whilst tearing up and shaking her head in disappointment. Beside Molly is a few papers and mail, which are bills, over-due payments and warning letters. Whilst looking at the photograph, papers and crying there are several flashbacks showing her past.

Flashback 1: Molly’s parents are shouting at each other arguing whilst 13-year-old Molly is watching them.

We see Molly back in her house crying and covering her face.

Flashback 2: Molly is at her work looking ashamed. She is in her work uniform at a fast food chain shop. She looks depressed whilst scanning items.

Molly is in her house throwing the photograph across the room.

Flashback 3: 13 year old Molly packing her bags in her bedroom and leaving.

Molly is in her house looking at the papers beside her and ripping them in anger.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Molly jerks at the abrupt knock, confused, as she is not expecting anyone.  She looks at the time, its 3am – wondering who could it be at this time of the hour. She slowly walks towards the door stepping right past the scrunched up photograph.

Molly opens the door; she gawks at what she sees. For about 30 seconds she stands in front of this person so shocked and confused. She rubs her eyes, tries to pinch herself to make sure it’s not just a dream. Standing in the doorway is her reflection. Molly sees herself. However, not identical, she sees herself when she was a child, precisely 13 years old. Young Molly stands there innocently dressed in the exact same clothes as the photograph. Without speaking Molly allows her in.

After several questions from Molly she realises that this little girl is real and has come from the past. Molly realizes that this is the chance she has been seeking for. The chance for her to warn young Molly of the future and encourage her to follow her dreams no matter what.

They both sit on the sofa beside each other. The video here becomes silent; we do not hear their voices. Molly takes this opportunity and begins to tell young Molly about her past, about how she regrets leaving school and how unhappy she is. Molly makes sure young Molly understands and reinforces her several times to follow her dreams.

A black screen shows stating ‘Many years later’.

Molly is lying on a hospital bed. She is now 58 and is dying. She has wrinkles, looks ill, and seems weak yet she has the same lifeless eyes.

Someone comes through the door, it is unfocused at first but as soon as this person reaches near Molly we realise its Young Molly from the past. Young Molly is wearing professional clothes, has her hair neatly out and is holding a briefcase. Her face looks happy, satisfied and a sense of fulfilment. She edges closer to the older Molly on the bed, sits beside her and holds her hand. Older Molly struggles to speak, as she is week. She gently says “Glad to see you, how is life progressing?” Younger Molly replies, “I am doing well. Really well. But most of all I am happy because of you. Thank you.” Older Molly still struggling replies “You deserve this life. Cherish it” The last two words come out as a whisper, which slowly fade away. Molly dies. Younger Molly closes her eyelids and disappears.

Credits Roll.




2 thoughts on “Treatment | Lifeless

  1. Hi Meera,
    Your pitch is great, intriguing & refined. The treatment also works well, you’ve got a lot of story (time) to cover which you’ve dealt with well using visual signifiers like the photo rather than dialogue which is absolutely the right thing to do. For a 3 minute short there might still be a lot to cram in so bear in mind when writing the script that it should be 3 pages and also that screen direction/visual exposition generally takes longer to show on screen than the space it takes up on the page.
    I really like the idea though – good work.

    1. Hi Ross,

      Thanks for taking your time out to read my treatment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the useful feedback, I will definitely take everything into account when writing the script.

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