Leicester Doc Film Festival

I visited the 3rd Annual Doc Film Festival in Leicester today. It was a great experience, as I got to meet talented people and watch diverse, short documentaries. The first short film I saw was called ‘Inner Light’ which was a abstract video with hands-down a great make-up artist. I also saw ‘Against the Ropes’ which featured a story of Neville Brown’s mixed heritage views. Another interesting documentary was called ‘Catching the Fox’ which explicitly told us the story of a masked vigilante that existed in Leicester in the 90’s.

Overall, watching these wide range of documentaries was very inspiring, allowing myself as a Film Maker to gain more knowledge in the ‘Documentary’ genre. Having my short Documentary-Drama film ‘Reality’ to also be screened at the Festival was a valuable achievement where I also received many overwhelming comments.

Documentaries are growing within Film. They have extended boundaries; successfully containing the power to capture the real world, real topics and real people.



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