‘Wander’ | Drawing by Meera Darji

After exploring the new app ‘Brushes’ for a few hours on the iPad, I got carried away and resulted with this drawing. I was surprised at the fact that I had actually drawn this and couldn’t believe the beauty of it. To be honest, drawing is not one of my talents, even when it comes to story boarding in films I sneak out by using stick people. But after a few scribbles here and there, changes of brush strokes and colours, I ended up with this beautiful landscape of a innocent girl holding a red balloon pointing at a deserted bird sitting on an empty tree.

In terms of inspiration, after a long thought I really wasn’t sure where I was inspired from. It may of course been from something I saw whilst walking or in the car, an image from a film, or even through words from a book. However, researching the description of the drawing on the internet, the closest I found to this image was Banksy’s artwork. In fact there were two images, which looked similar to this drawing; a girl flying  away with a bunch of balloons and a small girl reaching out for a heart shaped balloon which has flew away. In terms of Banksy’s Art, I certainly didn’t use these images to help me, but maybe they’re just similar for obvious reasons. Exploring the connotations behind Banksy’s two drawings, I found that people associated the Red hearted balloon with holding onto Hope in a difficult time.  Yet with reference to my drawing, it could mean anything really, each person would have their own connotations behind the drawing.

I know it’s not the best drawing yet, but I have to say I am really proud of what I have achieved. I will definitely continue to sketch up a few more drawings and explore new techniques.

As they would call it, an ‘undiscovered talent’.


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