Polysemic Images (Twilight and other)

Initially as a group task, we had to find 10 twilight images and 10 non-related, which somehow have a connection. However, I found this task quite interesting and therefore decided to post it on my personal blog. Below are the images in which I found:


When I first saw the Twilight book front cover of the girl holding a red apple, I immediately thought of the Snow White and the seven dwarfs fairytale.The iconic red apple signified the poisonous, witch’s red apple. Ironically, from looking at the front cover, I would assume that the plot would involve an innocent girl who is in danger of the villains. In this case that innocent girl would be Bella Swan and the villains; the Cullens. This clearly denotes how the fairytale narrative is perpetuated in Twilight, with of course modern twists. After a long thought, I came to a short conclusion that green apples are sour and red apples sweet, hence reinforcing Snow White’s and Bella’s character. Plus isn’t it quite ironic how Kristen Stewart played the role or Snow White in the latest film ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’? Interesting.


Again, the same point here, where the red ribbon on the front cover represents a little girls red hair ribbon. Hence, connoting innocence, vulnerability and femininity. Yet we have two completely different images, which all share the same connotations and denotations.


Humorously, the vampire Edward Cullen sparkling in the sun, reminded of all the ‘Make-your-skin-glow’ products. They may as well add to the slogan ‘Shine like Edward, be the vampire you really are under each product!


They suck blood and we need it!

Porphyria~ ‘In 1985 biochemist David Dolphin proposed a link between the rare blood disorder porphyria and vampire folklore. Noting that the condition is treated by intravenous haem, he suggested that the consumption of large amounts of blood may result in haem being transported somehow across the stomach wall and into the bloodstream.’


Twilight’s main set in the forest as opposed to a holiday in the wildlife forest. An object of desire, in which we aspire to achieve. The fact that fans aspire to live like Edward’s and Bella’s lifestyle has become nothing but an object of desire.

Two different images compressed into one; the Volvo XC60 and Edward Cullen from Twilight. The product clearly uses twilight as product placement to sell the car.

Theoretically, with reference to Laura Mulvey’s theory, Edward Cullen here is shown though the female gaze, attracting women. Yet, we could also say that the male gaze is apparent here due to the black hunky car. Thus suggesting that this advert goes against the stereotypical values. For example, stereotypically car adverts usually consist of sexy, slim women draping over the car who are quite exposed. Whereas, here without being exposed, Robert Pattinson is used to entice mass female audiences.


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