HIT/MISS – Group Short Film Overview

HIT/MISS Short Film

Synopsis: Every action no matter how small, has an infinite amount of consequence…a breath, a pause, a moment. Each contains its own universe. Fate is sealed and time always tells. In my words – Everything happens for a reason.

The short film ‘HIT/MISS’ was a group task, which we had to complete within four weeks. We began this process by first thinking about the type of genre to do, which allowed us to discuss our interests within the Drama category. This followed onto the types of short films that we enjoyed and wanted to achieve a similar style of. As a result, this led us to watching a few videos where we decided to use the concept of the ‘Parallel Universe’ of which would be displayed through a split screen presenting two different yet similar lifestyles. The videos that inspired us were ‘The 500 days of Summer’ split screen scene and the ‘Cibo Matto’ – Sugar water (Music video).


The whole process from Pre-production, Production to Post-production was a great experience. As a group we all managed to brainstorm ideas and finally perpetuate them onto screen. It was a difficult task at first with meeting outside of University hours, however we soon managed to meet several times during the week to discuss the status of the film. I believe that we accomplished our aims by successfully meeting the deadline. By delegating each task, we decided to shoot the footage in the second week, giving us plenty of time to edit the film in the third week and polish any mistakes in the fourth. I’m glad we didn’t leave it to the last minute, as we had more time to play around with different shots, effects and sound.

As a group, I believe we all chipped in with ideas, effort and helped in all areas. On set, mostly all of our group were giving ideas, suggesting shot types and helping to get the next frame ready. As a diverse team, each person had their own unique qualities and experience. Therefore, I took everyone’s experience and expertise into account and appointed the correct roles to them. For example I was the Director, we also had a Cinematographer, Producer, Writer, Editor and Sound.

Being the Director was a challenging yet enjoyable role. Having experience of being the director of my short film as well as being the 1st Assistant Director on a feature definitely made me aware of what my duties were. As the Director, I worked very closely with the whole team and perpetuated different ideas on set. This included types of shots, coordinating what the actor/actress should be doing in the frame and making sure the production went smoothly. In addition, I organised meetings with our group and alongside the group scheduled certain days for shooting.

I believe that through this process, I have learnt many new techniques, enhanced my existing skills and am more aware of areas for improvement. For example, as a Director, I needed to be slightly more assertive and stronger in making swift decisions. Even though we were happy with the finished product, I believe that we could have got professional actors (which we tried to), used a much better location and thought about the ending scene thoroughly. I have also learnt many new production skills from this process. For example, due to our narrative being quite technical, when shooting I had to consider how the other screen may look, such as; giving continuity in the frames, correct lighting, as both screens must look the same and have a linear sequence. Lastly, during the process I had to work under pressure due to the limited time, this made me more aware of how to plan each stage out correctly.

Overall, I enjoyed working with my group and was very pleased with the outcome of the short film. I believe we have produced a great film, with a unique concept to engage with wide audiences. Even though we had a few issues with finding actors, we will definitely take this on board in our forthcoming projects.


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