Beautiful Nature | My 60 Second project

Beautiful Nature | 60 Second Project

“Everthing is Beautiful, you just have to see it through that special eye…” – Meera Darji

This is a short Film/Video consisting of series of technically beautiful shots of nature.

As part of a small University project, my task was to create a 60 second technically beautiful piece of work, which could be used as showreel material. The footage had to be executed technically correct and to a high standard, showcasing a range of my skills. Throughout this project, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Sony HVR-Z5E Camcorder and experiment with different features, for example; I incorporated different lighting techniques, aperture, shutter speeds, depths of field, panning, zoom and more. I also edited the project using Adobe Premiere Pro 6.0 where I used a range of transitions, titles, enhanced the colour correction and used the crossover fade to create a special overlapping effect, giving the frames a warm ambience.

I definitely enjoyed this creative project, especially as it allowed me to gain a further insight on how to use the significant features of the camera. I can now say that I have a better perception of the different depths of field, allowing me to see things in a more creative perspective.  I particularly enjoyed shooting the nature around me, for example the ducks, lake, trees, countryside’s, leafs and more. Thus by shooting these beautiful scenes, I perpetuated the quote “Everything is Beautiful, but not everyone see’s it” as being shockingly true! People are so busy with their lives today due to work, family, media, etc that when they see a mesmerizing place, object or creature they unconsciously neglect the beauty of it. Whereas, in relation to myself, I have a completely different mindset on how I perceive the world. I tend to notice the smallest yet unique and beautiful things in life. For example; the photograph in the banner above on my blog, was taken by myself. As soon as I saw the raindrops linked to the leaf in an absolute gratifying way, my aim was to capture the essence of how perfect each droplet was. I was amazed by how each droplet was parallel with the exact same size or even descending in size. This is exactly what nature is. It’s around all us all the time in different forms, colours, textures, sizes and places. The universe’ creations are undoubtedly exquisite.


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