My reactions to ‘Twilight’

Having watched all the Twilight films before, my response to studying this film for the module was neutral and slightly excited at the same time relieved that it wasn’t a film I have never seen before. Before knowing Twilight was going to be the focus of our module, I already had thoughts about particular concepts. Therefore, I am more than happy to study this film, as I believe there are polysemic meanings to specific scenes, characters and narratives.

I usually watch films with complex/twisted plots and enjoy films with an adventurous narrative falling in the genres of Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Horror/Sci-Fi etc. Therefore, I am not a huge fan of the romantic genre. Yet, having said that I did enjoy watching the film and did engage into the narrative quite easily. The scenes which I predominantly enjoyed in Twilight were the violent/action scenes, the intensity when there’s a gruesome murder and the build up of drama in the narrative.

In my opinion, I believe Twilight has a great plot, especially in the way in which it realistically captures the supernatural vampires and werewolves in an ordinary city of America. The fact that the main vampire protagonist also known as Edward Cullen falls in love with the average teenager Bella Swan allows younger fans to look up to these characters and relate to them. However, on a more negative approach, I personally thought that the film was too slow paced and some scenes were unnecessary.


2 thoughts on “My reactions to ‘Twilight’

  1. Great insights into the film. I agree that while the story is compelling the pacing in the book and the movie are off. Oh well – I’m willing to overlook it, because I like Edward and Bella so much.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Its great to hear that you enjoyed reading my post! As for twilight, I do agree with yourself. Even though there are a few criticisms I have to say that I probably will go and watch the second part of Breaking Dawn. Many thanks.

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